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Our History | Christ’s Foundry
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Our History

Our History

Christ’s Foundry, previously known as Bachman Foundry, is a mission of the United Methodist Church. In 2001, the North Texas Conference decided to plant a new church in a Hispanic neighborhood of Dallas, Texas. Research conducted by Sara Wilke found that the Hispanic population was constantly increasing in the area bounded by Walnut Hill Lane, Marsh Lane, Northwest Highway, and Harry Hines Boulevard. Hispanics represented 80 percent of the 48,000 people living in this densely populated area. The research also found that there weren’t United Methodist churches in the area that could serve this growing population. In 2002, the Annual Conference voted to support the planting of a church in the area designated by Sara Wilke.

Christ’s Foundry’s pastor is Rev. Owen Ross. The church began in Owen’s living room with Bible studies during the week and a worship service on Sunday afternoons. As excitement about Christ’s Foundry grew in the community, the church outgrew Owen’s living room. The church moved to an apartment complex that is near Christ’s Foundry’s current location. The Upper Room, a storage room, was used as the sanctuary. Worship services were at 6:00 on Sunday evenings, and all in Spanish.

n July 2006, Christ’s Foundry began a morning service at 11:30 at Walnut Hill United Methodist Church, just north of Walnut Hill and Marsh Lane. Christ’s Foundry continued growing, and in 2007 started a campaign to build its own sanctuary and facilities. The church is located at the intersection of Webb Chapel Road and Park Lane.

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